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ODEZA EPSTEIN, your passionate Cake Designer.

Hello everyone, I am Odeza! I am a mom of two beautiful children- Vince, 15 and Merielle, 7, a wife to my dearest husband, Shane and I am a full time ICU nurse. Baking is something I found that brings out the creative and crafty side of me. It's something where I feel like "I am the Boss!" It feels good because when I'm baking I know I am in control. 

The Baker

Photography By:
Shannon Lea Rock, Preserve Studio #preservestudio #shannonlearock

Sunset moody Wedding cake

Photography by alyssagaylephotography (instagram)

How I Got Started

It wasn't until my son's fifth birthday when I discovered I may have a talent in baking. (I am laughing inside as I say this.) Until now, I am in awe on what I can do. Anyways, back to how it started, my son Vince requested a Transformer's cake. I knew at that time, ordering a custom cake can be really costly and I didn't even know where to order one. So, I gave baking from home a try and my son was over the moon as myself!!! He couldn't believe he got what he wanted. He was sooo happy with the cake! And since then, I was just so eager to do more. I had so many questions in my mind on how to make different cake and so many ideas popping right and left. I just had to continue doing it.


And now I'm here!​ 

I started with fondant cakes (believe it or not, it was from a modified boxed cake recipe). As the years went by, I decided it was time to challenge myself. I believe that being a true baker must know how to bake EVERYTHING from scratch. I read and tried many recipes until I was able to develop my own. I went through a lot, and I mean a lot, of trial and error. Many cakes had been tested to perfection. We ate some and gave some as gifts to our friends and neighbor. Every comment, praises and criticisms were noted and used as my learning tool. 


Then I changed the focus of my designs from fondant to buttercream, sprinkles, fresh flowers decorations. I love fondant, but I know I am not going back.


So, a special thank you to all my family and friends who have supported me. Without all of you, I would not have the confidence to be here! And I can't wait to share my journey with you. 

Have sugar dreams :) 

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