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All of our cakes are carefully baked from scratch to satisfy your palate. All were developed and tested in time to assure you get the utmost experience. We only use silky smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream that makes it less sweet and more flavorful. 

Basic Flavors (crowd pleasers)

Supreme Chocolate 

Intense cocoa flavor with light chocolate mousse fillings perfectly paired with smooth and light chocolate buttercream.


Cookies and Cream

Rich chocolate cake filled with Oreo cream cheese fillings covered in cookies and cream frosting.

Classic White Vanilla bean 

White cake layers made out of Heilala vanilla bean with homemade custard fillings finished with silky Vanilla Bean frosting. 

Red Velvet 

Traditionally red in color buttery cake layers with hint of chocolate paired with whipped cream cheese fillings and vanilla bean buttercream

Strawberry Vanilla 

White cake with whipped strawberry cream and fresh strawberry fillings frosted with strawberry buttercream.

Specialty Flavors

Ultimate Lemon Bar cake

Lemon cake layers with shortbread crust, homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream. You think it's too much lemon? Try and you will be surprised. 

Famous Ube cake (Purple Yam)

A unique cake and everyone's favorite in the Philippines. Purple yam is family of sweet potatoes that's slightly sweeter and a little nutty in flavor. Cake layers is a chiffon cake with silky light ube buttercream.

Biscoff  White Chocolate cake

Biscoff is a shortbread cookies with spice and deep caramel flavors in it. This cake starts with biscoff cake layers then biscoff crumb fillings finished with white chocolate buttercream.

Real German Chocolate

My supreme chocolate cake layers with a combination of toasted coconut crack and chocolate wafer pecan fillings covered in chocolate buttercream. This cake is heavenly, more than I can describe.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry 

Dark chocolate layers with burst flavors of raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberry fillings. 

We offer cake tasting every last Sunday of the month. Limited appointment only so we recommend to contact us as early as possible to save your time. Three spot left for August 21st 2022 session. Send a quote form for more details 

Seasonal flavors are also offered upon request. Suggest and submit a form below if you don't see what you are looking for and we will be more than happy to help you. 

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